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The newest member of the Art Circle, I have had no formal art training but became interested in watercolor painting through my friend, neighbor, and fellow Art Circle artist, Clair Breetz, who introduced me to this medium.

Clair invited some of us in our community to join her in "Painting on the Porch" at our clubhouse, and I found I enjoyed it right away. I then began taking art classes at Baker Hunt and later switched to Ken Buck's watercolor classes at the Art Academy and have painted off and on ever since.

I am a graduate of the University of Dayton and the Mount St. Joseph University and retired in 2006 from the Convergys Corporation where I was an HR Manager in Employee Relations.

My husband, George, and I love to travel, play golf, and spend lots of time with our six children, their spouses, and our nine wonderful grandchildren (lots of inspiration there!). I also spend significant time in my hometown of Oak Park, IL where my mother, 5 sisters and many family members still reside.

I'm looking forward to continuing to develop my art through classes and interaction with my fellow Art Circle artists.