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Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, Clair Breetz resides in Alexandria with husband Mike in the farmhouse where they raised their four children.

Clair has always been interested in art and took lesson since she was in the fourth grade. A graduate of Ohio Visual Arts Institute (now Antonelli College), she has also studied art at Thomas More College, Louisiana Baptist College, and NKU. She has worked under the painter Jack Meanwell and now studies under Ken Buck at the Essex Studios.

Clair has taught art at Holy Cross High School, Saint Mary’s in Alexandria, and Saints Peter and Paul in California, Kentucky. She is currently teaching art to homeschoolers and doing outreach in the Northern Kentucky area at Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center in Covington.

A member of the Art Circle at the Essex for the last two years, she has shown her work at Twilight at Baker Hunt, the Essex Art Studios, and the Covington Ladies Home.