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Welcome to my Portfolio. I hope you enjoy viewing the work.

I was introduced to The Art Circle by Sherry Goodson and feel fortunate to be its newest member.

I have a BFA degree in painting from Ohio University and an MS degree in counseling from The Johns Hopkins University. For over thirty years I was an elementary and junior high art teacher/counselor, retiring with Southgate Public Schools in Southgate, Kentucky.

My desire to become an artist was reignited two years ago and influenced by a series of coincidences. In the spring of 2014, I redeemed a gift card for a manicure, my first and only. During casual conversation, the manicurist and I discovered a mutual love of creating art. She suggested I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The book inspired me to turn dream into reality.

I began with an oil painting class at Baker Hunt in Covington with Stephen Jenkins. After my first session with Stephen, he left Baker Hunt. I switched to a pastel class with Marlene Steele and after a session with me, she left. Taking their departure in stride, I perused the Baker Hunt Schedule to find another teacher whose classes coincided with my schedule. I signed up for watercolor portraiture and pastels with Ken Landon Buck. Fortunately for me, Ken didn’t leave.

A true artist’s guru, Ken inspires, encourages, and motivates his students. For those who pursue the “bucket list” item of being a professional artist, he shares a wealth of knowledge and experienced based tips.

I was in the Duveneck Memorial Art Show in May of 2016. Amazingly, I won the people’s choice award, vox populi. Other shows for 2016 include the Anderson Township “A Fair of the Arts” in September and the 2016 Kentucky Wildlife National Art Exhibit (showing “Water’s Edge,” a pastel of a Spring Grove goose) from October through November in Henderson, Kentucky.

Over the years, I have dabbled in oils and acrylics, but now I seem to find more comfort in watercolor and pastels. Personal photos are my reference for painting. I’m drawn to favorite subjects, as well as, a scene or portrait that says more than just the image itself.

Thank you for visiting.